UAE Real Estate Anti-Financial Crime Training

Founded, developed and delivered by the government and financial crime subject matter experts.​

AMAN: safety, protection, safe conduct​


Created, supported and endorsed by the Government


All Bahraini ministries will have access to the AMAN platform to monitor companies and individuals under your jurisdiction.​

All businesses, specific to ministries, can be loaded into the platform to monitor their risk exposure​

All new business can be screened by the platform and added to Monitoring​

SAR/STR submission data will be available to the ministries through the platform​


AMAN: Supporting the Government to enhance AML/CTF controls across Bahrain

  • AMAN has been created to help all companies in Bahrain to combat financial crime
  • It is the only approved platform that must be used to raise a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) or a Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) on
  • Digitise SAR reporting and submit directly to the MoI and MoJ
  • Firms can also submit their Annual MLRO Reports & Annual Substance Reports via AMAN
  • All registered firms under the supervision of the 6 ministries are required to use AMAN
  • Additionally, firms are expected to use the platform to search for risk in their client, supplier and 3rd parties, perform CDD, EDD and for automated ongoing monitoring of clients 
  • AMAN can also help firms learn and improve their knowledge of AML through AMAN’s School of Financial Crime

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