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AMAN Single Compliance Platform Strengthening Ministries


Introducing :


  • Enhanced due diligence platform
  • Automated customer verification 
  • Compliance training provider
  • ML/TF risk minimized
  • A database in accordance with the international set of regulations
  • A pre-emptive approach rather than reactive


AMAN offers compliance services across all arrays of organizations and businesses. Operating under 3 categories dedicated to specific entities, AMAN using state of the art software capabilities and innovative technology provides software solutions to mitigate financial crime and other relevant risks.



AMAN 'platform' is focused on Banks and FI's. Providing specific features of this platform include; transaction monitoring, KYC creation, EDD, compliance management and certain risk assessment tools


Himayah which translates to 'protection' is AMANs' section specific to Ministry of Interior. Allowing MIO to work with advanced tools to track specific personnel, scan through big data and recognise multiple speech and patterns and provide insightful visualization


AMAN offers training based on compliance and risk assessment to the entities. The training programs to be accredited by law society, CBB and other regulatory authorities, implementing a normalization of ML and CFT risks and ways to mitigate them

For all governmental entities



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