Financial Crime Compliance Technology for Real Estate & Other DNFBP Businesses | UAE

With the real estate sector experiencing a boom in activity across the UAE, criminals have sensed an opportunity to exploit property for financial gain. Now more than ever, poor due diligence leaves real estate businesses vulnerable to abuse, risking serious financial, legal and reputational damage. With regulators really cracking down and dishing out fines for non-compliance, it's important to have all the right controls in place.

Key Topics Covered:  

  • Highlighted the emerging financial crime threats in the real estate sector
  • Reviewed the recent regulatory changes
  • Understood the cost of getting it wrong
  • Explored what you should be doing to protect your business from financial crime and regulatory enforcement

Your Experts 

Sandeep Sroa

Head of Business Development & MLRO, Themis MENA

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Nisha Bhaskaran 

Compliance Officer & MLRO, Themis MENA 

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Aria Poshteh 

Customer Success Manager, Themis MENA

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