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Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Reports and key IWT resources

  • New deal to protect nature agreed at COP15 (Link)
  • Biodiversity: Stronger measures against wildlife trafficking (Link)
  • CITES CoP19 Summary (Link)
  • New plan of action to combat illegal wildlife trade in Central Africa (Link)
  • FATF, 2021. International Standards on Combating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism & Proliferation. (Link)
  • United States Department of State, 2021. END Wildlife Trafficking Report. (Link)
  • FATF, 2020. How can private sector help stop money laundering from illegal wildlife trade. (Link)
  • FATF, 2020. Money Laundering and the Illegal Wildlife Trade. (Link)
  • NCA, 2016. Guidance on submitting better quality Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs). (Link)
  • Following the Money: Wildlife Crimes in Anti-Money Laundering Laws: A Review of 110 jurisdictions. (Link)
  • Compliance Protocol for managing stockpiles of CITES-listed shark fins in Hong Kong SAR. (Link)
  • Anti-money laundering linked to wildlife trafficking becomes part of Chinese law enforcement training for the first time (Link)
  • Themis, 2021. Dangerous Liaisons: Environmental and Financial Crime. (Link)
  • TRAFFIC, 2021. Cracking the Code: An analysis of customs HS codes used in the trade in wild animals and plants from Africa to Asia. (Link)
  • Wilson, Gary J., 2021. Trade Based Money Laundering, Trade Finance and Illegal Wildlife Trafficking. (Link)
  • Zain, Sabri, 2020. Corrupting trade: An overview of corruption issues in illicit wildlife trade. (Link)
  • World Bank, 2019. Illegal Logging, Fishing, and Wildlife Trade: The Costs and How to Combat it. (Link)
  • INTERPOL, 2018. Global Wildlife Enforcement: Strengthening Law Enforcement Cooperation Against Wildlife Crime. (Link)
  • United for Wildlife, 2018. United for Wildlife Financial Taskforce Mansion House Declaration. (Link)
  • Investing in Extinction: How the global financial sector profits from traditional medicine firms using threatened species. (Link)
  • Financial Flows Associated With Illegal Wildlife Trade In South Africa: An Updated Perspective. (Link)
  • Corruption risks in the supply of non-human primates for clinical testing. (Link)
  • To and Through the Gulf: IWT Routes and Legal Environment. (Link)
  • ADB-WWF-ACAMS event video and resources. Following the money trails of the illicit wildlife trade. (Link)
  • ECOFEL, 2021. Financial Investigations into Wildlife Crime. (Link)
  • EIA, 2021. Tackling Financial Flows from Illegal Wildlife Trade in East Asia. (Link)
  • TRAFFIC, 2021. Case Digest: An Initial Analysis of the Financial Flows and Payment Mechanisms Behind Wildlife and Forest Crime. (Link)
  • RUSI, 2017. Follow the Money: Using Financial Investigation to Combat Wildlife Crime. (Link)
  • UNODC, 2022. National Strategy to Combat Wildlife and Forest Crime in Nigeria (Link)
  • EIA, 2021. Vietnam’s Footprint in Africa: An analysis of the role of Vietnamese criminal groups in wildlife trafficking. (Link)
  • RUSI, 2021, Illegal Wildlife Trade and Financial Investigations in West Africa. (Link)
  • SAMLIT, 2021. Financial flows associated with Illegal Wildlife Trade in South Africa. (Link)
  • EIA, 2020. Out of Africa: How West and Central Africa have become the epicentre of ivory and pangolin scale trafficking to Asia. (Link)
  • Rhino horn trafficking as a form of transnational organised crime 2012-2021 (Link)
  • Driving Destruction: Cattle rustling and instability in Nigeria (Link)
  • The Global Trade in Donkey Skins: A Ticking Time Bomb - The Donkey Skin Trade as a Trojan Horse for Wildlife Trafficking (Link)
  • The Global Trade in Donkey Skins: A Ticking Time Bomb - Biosecurity Risks and Implications for Human and Animal Health on a Global Scale (Link)
  • Factsheet on India’s Red Sanders in Illegal Wildlife Trade (Link)
  • Factsheet on India’s Caterpillar Fungus in Illegal Wildlife Trade (Link)
  • Factsheet on India’s Agarwood in Illegal Wildlife Trade (Link)
  • India's Pangolins Buried in Illegal Wildlife Trade (Link)
  • Skin and Bones: Tiger Trafficking Analysis from January 2000-June 2022 (Link)
  • In Deep Water: India's Sea Cucumbers in Illegal Wildlife Trade (Link)
  • Online Illegal Trade in Highly Endangered Parrots in Indonesia (Link)
  • Myths or Money? Challenges and Implications of Donkey Farming (Link)
  • Vietnam's virtual landscape for illicit wildlife trading: A snapshot of e-commerce and social media. (Link)
  • Going viral: Myanmar’s wildlife trade escalates online. WWF (Link)
  • Wildlife Justice Commission, 2022. Bringing down the Dragon: An analysis of China’s largest ivory smuggling case. (Link)
  • Asian Development Bank and Supply Chain Finance Program Knowledge and Capacity Building Products. (Link)
  • EIA, 2021. Vietnam’s Footprint in Africa: An analysis of the role of Vietnamese criminal groups in wildlife trafficking. (Link)
  • Wildlife Justice Commission, 2020. Operation Jeopardy: The Growing Relevance of Cambodia in the Global Ivory Trade. (Link)
  • OECD, 2019. The Illegal Wildlife Trade in Southeast Asia: Institutional Capacities in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam. (Link)
  • United States Department of State, 2021. END Wildlife Trafficking Report. (Link)
  • UNODC 2020. World Wildlife Crime Report. (Link)
  • Wildlife Justice Commission, 2019, Snapshot Analysis Ivory Smuggling: 2015-2019 (Link)

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