The True Costs of Financial Crime:

Why Your AFC Framework Really Matters

Briefing Note The True Cost Of Financial Crime

Covered in this Briefing Note:


It is all too easy to think of financial crime as an issue that affects an anonymous system - big banks, complex corporate structures, globalised money flows. However, it is much closer to home than we may think.

Understanding the real impact of financial crime and the importance of having appropriate anti-financial crime frameworks in place has become increasingly important. It has also become more evident than ever before that companies play a key role in the fight against financial crime, and that by implementing appropriate frameworks they can ensure they are having a positive impact on ESG governance.

Balancing purpose and profit is becoming essential. This briefing note assesses the impact of financial crime on everyday life, companies, and senior managers, and it proposes an alternative to lax anti-financial crime (AFC) procedures, in favour of measures that reflect the fact that AFC really matters.

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