Underground Secrets Unveiled:

Exposing the Dark Side of the Antiquities Trade

Underground Secrets Unveiled Exposing The Dark Side Of The Antiquities Trade

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As global awareness about the trade in illegal antiquities intensifies, a sad truth emerges: the age-old allure of cultural heritage is increasingly entwined with modern illicit financial activities. 

Against this backdrop, a pressing need arises to shed light on the dark secrets of the illegal antiquities trade, wherein artifacts of immeasurable historical significance become pawns in a sinister game. This briefing note discusses the intricacies of financial crime red flags in the context of this trade. Moreover, it offers a sobering glimpse into the intersections between this trade and the funding mechanisms that fuel terrorist activities. 

Drawing upon international smuggling rings as examples, our report aims to arms you with the acumen to discern the signals of potential wrongdoing and make sure you do not end up being unwittingly complicit in this trade. 

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