We Won’t Look The Other Way:

The UK's New Human Rights Sanctions Regime

We Won’T Look The Other Way The UK's New Human Rights Sanctions Regime

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Over the past decade, several high-profile human rights cases linked to powerful officials have sparked global outrage. In response, more and more governments are introducing sanctions against individuals and entities who inflict suffering on others, wherever in the world this occurs.

The UK is the latest country to adopt its own global human rights sanctions regime. Announced by Dominic Raab in July, the regime covers those involved in human rights violations both directly and indirectly.

47 individuals from Russia, Saudi Arabia and Myanmar, as well as two North Korean organisations, have already been added to the UK Sanctions List under the new regulations. UK businesses must make sure to halt all dealings with and freeze all assets belonging to these designated persons.

In its latest briefing note, Themis takes a look at the implications of the new sanctions regime.

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