We release regular episodes on a wide range of topics related to financial crime, including money laundering, fraud, bribery, and sanctions evasion. We interview experts from law enforcement, the financial industry, and academia to get their insights on the latest trends in financial crime and how to combat it.

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Episode 2: Gavin Miller - The Importance of Cross-Sectoral Collaboration - Notes From a Former Detective

Episode 1: Gavin Miller - The Importance of Financial Intelligence - Notes From a Former Detective

How I Avoided Being Robbed by the Cryptoscammers

Corporate Investigations in the MENA Region

Illegal Logging - Where Sustainability and ESG Meets Financial Crime

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking: Notes from a Former Detective (Session 1)

Modern Slavery and Forced Labour in Global Supply Chains with Anti-slavery International

Financial Crime - A Treasurer’s Perspective - Interview with Naresh Aggarwal

Women in Financial Crime and Tech - An Interview with Farheen Ishtiaq-Stansfeld

Women in Financial Crime and Tech - An Interview with Linda Baskett

Women in Financial Crime and Tech: Interview with Katarina Cook

Women in Financial Crime and Tech: Interview with Sue Langley OBE

The Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) - Latest Threats and Trends

Malta Removed From the FATF Grey List: Insider's View

Crypto Assets and Terrorist Financing - A Real Concern or A Lot of Hype

UAE Focus: Illicit Financial Flows and the FATF Greylisting

Technological Evolution of Terrorist Financing Through Cryptocurrencies, Online Gaming and Metaverse

Mechanisms to Detect and Disrupt Modern Slavery and Child Exploitation

Farewell to Londongrad

Proliferation Financing 101

The Pandora Papers: An Interview with Senior Journalist From ICIJ

Tackling Environmental Destruction and Financial Crime: An Interview with Clare Rewcastle-brown

The Key Man Philanthro-capitalism Gone Wrong

Modern Slavery & The Insurance Industry

Mitigating Risk of Modern Slavery in Supply Chains

The Panama Papers - Five Years On

Working Towards a World Without Slavery: An Interview with Unseen

Protecting Children From Trafficking and Slavery

Trouble In Paradise: Cracking Down on Corporate Secrecy

Engaging Development Finance Against Modern Slavery

Detect and Disrupt - Intelligence Sharing to Tackle Modern Slavery

Picking Up The Pieces: Recent Developments in the 1MDB Scandal

Being Accountable: Modern Slavery and the Accountancy Profession

Myth-Busting in Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking - Understanding the Regulatory Landscape

Financing of Terrorism - The Role of ISIS and Modern Slavery

What is Terrorist Financing?

Fighting Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in Financial Institutions

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking - Detect and Disrupt

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking - Survivor Financial Inclusion

A Good News Story - Integrity Icon, the Program to "Name and Fame" Honest Government Officials

Corruption Doesn't Have a Colour

Dark Matter(s): Demystifying the Dark Web

An Audience with Co-Author of Billion Dollar Whale - Bradley Hope

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