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Welcome to Themis' Hong Kong Country Risk Report, the premier resource for understanding and navigating financial crime risks in Hong Kong. Our report is an essential tool for professionals and organisations looking to protect against financial crime risk exposure in one of the world’s most complex financial environments.

This comprehensive report delves into the financial crime landscape of Hong Kong, offering critical insights into its legal, regulatory, and institutional frameworks. It also provides actionable intelligence into key trends and vulnerabilities to help you manage and mitigate risks effectively.

Hong Kong features unique financial crime risks due to its role as a global financial and business hub, as well as its complex relationship with mainland China. This report explores these distinct risks and looks at how these risks will shift over the next few years. Taking a forward-looking view, the report explores the impact of geopolitical events and emerging technologies on Hong Kong’s financial crime landscape. Readers will also gain a strong understanding of the various illicit groups and activities to watch out for while doing business in the region.


Scope of the Report:

In-Depth Analysis and Expertise: The Hong Kong Country Risk Report provides Themis clients and members with an exhaustive analysis of financial crime threats and the multifaceted measures in place to counteract them. This report goes beyond surface-level information, offering a deep dive into the underlying threats, criminal techniques, and trends affecting Hong Kong’s society, businesses, and environment.

Included in the report is a clear and intuitive Red-Amber-Green (RAG) view across the critical areas of financial crime risks and financial crime designations.


Key Highlights:

Bribery and Corruption: Learn about Hong Kong’s rigorous anti-corruption policies and the pivotal role of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in safeguarding public integrity.

Money Laundering: Investigate the robust legal and institutional responses combatting human exploitation and protecting vulnerable individuals.

Fraud: Explore the extensive legal mechanisms designed to deter and combat fraud, from financial scams to corporate deceit.

Terrorist Financing and Proliferation Financing: Discover Hong Kong's stringent measures to curb the financing of terrorism and proliferation activities in compliance with global standards.

Cybercrime: Gain insights into the technological defences and legal responses to the rising threat of cybercrime in an increasingly digital financial landscape.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking: Investigate the robust legal and institutional responses to combat human exploitation and protect vulnerable individuals.

Drugs and Weapons Trafficking: Review the coordinated efforts and international partnerships aimed at disrupting the trafficking of illegal substances and arms.

Environmental Crime: Examine how Hong Kong addresses crimes that impact the environment, reflecting its commitment to sustainability and ecological protection.

Tax Crime and Financial Secrecy: Analyse the frameworks in place to combat tax evasion and misuse of financial secrecy, vital for maintaining transparency and integrity.


Research Methodology:

Cutting-Edge Insights: Our Insight team conducts thorough research, often collaborating with government bodies, law enforcement, regulators, NGOs, and multinational corporations. This collaborative approach illuminates new and emerging threats, providing a detailed view of interconnected crimes such as money laundering, fraud, and environmental violations.

Threat-Based Research: The report delves into the latest trends across various financial crimes, offering a detailed examination of how these threats evolve and their impact on the socio-economic fabric of Hong Kong. Our threat-based research covers a broad spectrum of interlinking crimes, enabling a comprehensive understanding of financial crime dynamics.



Compliance and Best Practices

Alignment with Wolfsberg Group Guidance: Themis’ country risk reports are crafted following the Wolfsberg Group’s guidance on jurisdictional risk assessments.

By adhering to these best practices, our reports provide a thorough understanding of the factors that could elevate the risk of financial crime in Hong Kong.


Contact Us: For tailored reports and additional horizon scanning services, please reach out to our team.

Stay ahead of financial crime threats with Themis.


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