Themis Awards 2022


Themis is a purpose led organisation committed to reducing the global impact of financial crime. As a bridge between the public and private sectors, we want to highlight the fantastic work, best practices, achievements and determination of individuals and organisations in their contribution in the fight against financial crime.

We are delighted to announce the winners in the video below.



1. Financial Crime Champion

An award to recognise the achievements of an individual for their outstanding efforts in the fight against Financial Crime.

2. Fighting Corruption Award

An award to recognise the work of an individual or organisation in their fight against bribery and corruption.

3. Trailblazer Award

Recognising an individual, team or company who are leading their field in combatting financial crime.

4. Speak Up Award

Exposing financial crime can be difficult, and it can be dangerous, on a professional or personal level. The Speak Up Award recognises an individual or team who has helped to blow the whistle on a hidden financial crime.

5. Compliance Team of the Year *New

Highlighting the pioneering work a team has done to support their company in financial crime compliance.

6. Anti-Financial Crime Leader

Recognising an individual who has provided a strong culture, good governance, and tone at the top to lead their company, or team, to ensure excellent risk management of financial crime exposure.

7. Public Sector Pioneer

The public sector plays a huge role in the fight against financial crime and is often the unsung hero. Recognising an individual or a team’s approach to fighting financial crime. This award is open to governments, regulators, law enforcement, NGOs and others.

8. Combatting Modern Slavery Award

Recognising a team, organisation or individual in their approach to mitigating the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking.

9. Lifetime Achievement Award

Dedicated to an individual who throughout their career has strived to reduce the impact of financial crime, and who’s intervention has made a tangible difference to lives affected by financial crime.

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