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Themis Intelligence is a leading provider of due diligence and financial crime investigations. We help businesses of all sizes prevent loss, avoid regulatory sanction, and maintain a strong reputation.

Our team of experienced investigators has a deep understanding of the financial crime landscape. We use this knowledge to conduct thorough and comprehensive investigations that identify and mitigate risk.

Our experience in the MENA region, particularly in the UAE, gives us a better understanding of the area, backed up by a market leading investigations team with experience from across the globe.

Why Invest in Themis Intelligence?

We give you an external view to help you identify any potential, damaging links to financial crime.

ESG Risk & Supply Chain Analysis Reports

Due Diligence

Jurisdictional & Industry Specific Reports

Themis Enhanced Due Diligence Reports

Our due diligence reports take place over multiple jurisdictions and include a combination of full, detailed checks.

On completion of each project we can provide a management report mapping out all the key risks of the target entity as well as a consultation with the relevant team to discuss the findings.

Quantify Risk


  • ✔ Comprehensive searches of: International sanctions (including terrorist financing)
  • ✔ Politically exposed persons (PEPs)
  • ✔ Global directorships of businesses
  • ✔ Identification of adverse media
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Deep Dive


  • ✔ Searches of litigation and bankruptcy records
  • ✔ Identification of beneficial ownerships and offshore companies
  • ✔ Source of wealth analysis
  • ✔ Checks of local media in multiple languages
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Full Exposure


  • ✔ All from from Level 1 and Level 2
  • ✔ Discreet interviews without alerting subjects to the heightened interest
  • ✔ Gathering of non-publicly sourced information
  • ✔ Global reach and multiple languages available
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Themis ESG Report

Themis ESG Risk & Supply Chain Analysis Reports

Themis uses our experience investigating ESG concerns to identify companies’ greatest area of risk based on both ESG benchmarks and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We are able to map out firms, subsidiaries and supply chains identifying areas of specific risk and investigating areas of concern in more detail.


Jurisdictional & Industry Specific Reports

We provide an in-depth analysis of the financial crime threats related to a country or industry, as well as anti-financial crime legal, regulatory and institutional framework.

Some reports are available online to purchase, or we can tailor the reports to your needs.

Themis Financial Crime Insight

What our clients say:

"Themis is in a ‘sweet spot’ as you do not charge as much as the bigger players, your turnaround time is quicker and the content is more detailed and expansive. You also collect different data and you collate it in a more understandable and readable format."

MLRO, London-based investment bank

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Find out how Themis can help your business prevent loss, avoid regulatory sanctions and maintain a strong reputation.


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