Themis Announces New Office Location with Runway East

9 March 2023

Themis announces today that they are opening new offices with Runway East, the contemporary office provider “fighting boring offices since 2014”. This partnership reflects Themis’ ongoing investment in its mission to normalise due diligence and protect companies and people from unknown or unwanted associations with criminals or organised crime. The company, which recently announced that it had raised £3.1 million its Pre-Series A round, helps both companies and individuals really understand their clients, suppliers and third parties.

This announcement also coincides with B Corp Month this March and the associated “We Go Beyond” campaign, which raises awareness of the B Corp community of impactful businesses striving to take action to transform the economic system. Themis is particularly proud of this partnership with Runway East given that the company, like Themis, is B Corp certified. This certification - a measure of social and environmental impact - is complemented by Themis’ 2022 Best For The World™ certification, ranking the company in the top 5% of all B Corps for its size group for Governance. As part of its core strategy and mission, Themis always tries to work with other B Corps - and choosing an appropriate office space, like Runway East, is no exception.

With its automated due diligence platform (Themis Search & Monitoring), Themis has continued to champion and develop cutting-edge technology to help clients in the fight against financial crime. The platform allows companies and individuals to carry out AML screening and monitoring of all of their clients, suppliers, third parties and investors in one place to ensure no unwanted or unknown links to criminality exist amongst their clients or in their supply chains.

Themis uses advanced AI and ML technology, powered by threat-based data, research and intelligence to detect potential links to financial crime. Its AML software provides a simple way to conduct screening, KYC onboarding, risk mapping, enhanced due diligence and automated monitoring in one platform to make sure that you are not inadvertently dealing with companies, entities or individuals with criminal records, links to serious & organised crime or other forms of financial crime.

This move comes as part of a big investment in Themis’ ever-expanding team - and the need, with that, for a bigger and more permanent office space! It also demonstrates Themis’ strategic growth in its core markets - and complements Themis MENA’s office in the shared working space Hub71 in Abu Dhabi.

Dickon Johnstone, Chief Executive of Themis, said: “Financial crime is a very real and evolving problem, for societies as well as individual victims of crime. It has been described as “a cancer on our society” and “an issue of international security” and its impact on the global economy and society is profound. We want to help organisations understand strategic financial crime threats through an ESG and socio-economic lens, in order to protect their customers, staff, suppliers and shareholders from criminal attacks or association - and by doing so, fuel sustainable change in the public and private sector. Our mission aligns us with other B Corps who are also fighting for beneficial change.”

Lizzie Stewart, Head of Operations and Customer Success at Themis, said: “Runway East is the perfect partner for us - we love their fun and innovative approach to office space and can’t wait to make the most of all the great perks they offer!”
Carel van Randwyck, Chief Growth Officer & Head of Impact at Themis, said: “Working with other B Corps, like ourselves, is so important to maximising our impact; as a purpose-driven company, we can extend our reach further by working with like-minded companies who are committed to making a similar contribution to society.”

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