Preventing Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in Financial Services

Themis Briefing Note - Preventing MSHT in Financial Services

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Themis has been pleased over the last six months to work with the UK's Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner and the Tribe Freedom Foundation to present A Call for Action Across the Financial Services Sector. This groundbreaking piece of research will help financial institutions to identify the modern slavery risks they are exposed to and also offer practical advice for firms to mitigate this global problem.

On 28th July, we hosted a webinar with Dame Sara Thornton, the UK's anti-slavery commissioner as well as Tom Stancliffe founder of the Tribe Freedom Foundation and Jonathan Bell, senior partner at Red Compass to discuss the report's initial findings and to launch our outreach program with financial institutions.

This briefing note summarises the webinar discussion and findings and gives practical advice to businesses to help mitigate the risk of MSHT in their businesses.

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