Sanctions Due Diligence:

The Importance of Adverse Media Screening

Sanctions Due Diligence The Importance Of Adverse Media Screening

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With the global and interconnected nature of third party networks today, how can you be sure you aren’t leaving your organisation exposed to sanctioned or other high risk actors.

The international response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine has created a near constant influx of new individuals and entities to screen for across sanctions lists daily. Taking inventory on your organisation’s current third-party due diligence and risk management system is critical to ensure you are complying fully with sanctions and minimising financial crime risks. You may find yourself asking where to begin – what tools and practices need to be in place?

Adverse media screening (AMS) is an essential component of effective third-party due diligence. Monitoring and screening across both traditional and social media for unfavourable information on network connections can help expose hidden risks and provide critical insights. AMS provides a crucial additional line of defence against accidental non-compliance, which is more necessary than ever due to countries such as the UK moving to strict liability tests for sanctions breaches.

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