Sketchy Dealings:

Putting Financial Crime in the Picture for the Art Market

Putting Financial Crime In The Picture For The Art Market

Covered in this Briefing Note:

Is the art market a canvas for financial crime? This briefing note dives deep into the shadowy world of art-related money laundering, trafficking, and fraud. From embezzled funds disguised as masterpieces to online scams and looted artifacts, we explore the tactics used by criminals and the vulnerabilities of the art trade.

The art market's high value and often opaque dealings make it a target. This report equips you with the knowledge to identify red flags and protect yourself, whether you're a seller, buyer, dealer, or auction house.

Inside Sketchy Dealings, you'll discover:

Real-world case studies exposing the schemes used by art-world criminals, the unique features of the art market that make it susceptible to financial crime, and practical steps to mitigate risk and operate with confidence in the art trade.

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